Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Incorporating Published Research in Introductory Econometrics Courses

Today, many instructors are looking for ways to transition their courses to an online environment. One of the ways to do this in introductory econometrics courses is to give students examples of actual published research that uses the methods they are learning, provide them with R scripts or Stata do files to replicate the analysis, and have them explain the methods used in the studies, the findings, and to carry out extensions, either in term papers or shorter assignments.

I'm currently writing a book that describes how to do this, but it won't be finished for another eight months. So for now, I am sharing R scripts, Stata do files and data sets needed to run some of the replications. My hope is to make it easier for instructors to include examples of real research in their classes.

At this link, I include links to the articles as well as replication files, and list the course topics and learning objectives that relate to each study.

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