Sunday, March 31, 2013

Top Five Keyboard Shortcuts

I imagine many people would benefit from memorizing a few more keyboard shortcuts.

Often when I begin working with a new student on a data analysis project, I remind them that they can save themselves a lot of time (and possibly from carpal tunnel!) by using keyboard shortcuts.  They make repetitive tasks faster and easier and will save you from having to point and click the mouse repeatedly.

Here are the five keyboard shortcuts I use the most:

CNTL+Y will repeat the last executed command
CNTL+Z will undo the previously executed command
CNTL+X will cut the highlighted data
CNTL+V will paste the data.
CNTL+F will enable you to “find” things quickly rather than looking down a list.

One more shortcut that I often use is CNTL+A, which highlights all data. So technically this blog post should be called "Top Six Keyboard Shortcuts" but that doesn't have as nice of a right to it!

In future posts, I use this blog to share some of the features of MS Excel that I use most frequently.  I hope this information will be useful for people out there, and it will save me from having to explain the same thing to students every time I start working with a new one!