Friday, February 15, 2013

My talk at CSU East Bay

I made a short You Tube video of the first three minutes of a talk I gave at CSU East Bay on Wednesday.

In the talk, I gave a briefing of several important policies in California and India, talked about my various research projects that relate to these topics, and also discussed and showed some pictures from my recent research trip to India.  I even successfully told one joke!  So, watch the video if you are ready for a laugh!  (Keep in mind, I am the only economist who has published an economics article about Drew Carey!)

I tried to make an audio recording of my presentation but the battery on my voice recorder died half way through.  So for now here is the audio to half of the presentation.  I will post a link to a video of the presentation if one becomes available.  I have also uploaded the slides for this talk; the title of the talk was:

Using Evidence from California and India to Improve Transportation and Climate Policy

I had a great time interacting with the students and the faculty and am looking forward to visiting them again sometime soon.  I did  not know that they had such a beautiful Bay view from their location at the top of the hills in Hayward!