Monday, November 24, 2014

Technology investments for Ukraine

What types of technology investments would most benefit Ukrainian society?  Military?  Social media?  Smart energy?  As a man of peace, I will focus on the latter two in this post.

Social, or "new" media could play a big role in reducing corruption.  Websites like expose lazy professors in the United States and Canada.  Perhaps a Ukrainian variant could expose corruption in higher education?  In India, users of the website have documented millions of rupees worth of bribes.

Ukraine would also benefit from smarter energy infrastructure.  When I lived in Kyiv in 1996, we had no control over our thermostat; we literally had to wait until the central authorities turned on the city's heat.  Sometimes I would see our neighbors leave their window open in the winter, presumably because the apartment was too hot and they couldn't cool it down any other way.  Given this legacy of centralization in energy infrastructure, it would therefore seem that Ukraine's energy tech start-ups could produce large gains for society.  Obviously, Ukraine has good reason to reduce its reliance on Russian gas.

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