Monday, November 24, 2014

Technology investments for Ukraine

What types of technology investments would most benefit Ukrainian society?  Military?  Social media?  Smart energy?  As a man of peace, I will focus on the latter two in this post.

Social, or "new" media could play a big role in reducing corruption.  Websites like expose lazy professors in the United States and Canada.  Perhaps a Ukrainian variant could expose corruption in higher education?  In India, users of the website have documented millions of rupees worth of bribes.

Ukraine would also benefit from smarter energy infrastructure.  When I lived in Kyiv in 1996, we had no control over our thermostat; we literally had to wait until the central authorities turned on the city's heat.  Sometimes I would see our neighbors leave their window open in the winter, presumably because the apartment was too hot and they couldn't cool it down any other way.  Given this legacy of centralization in energy infrastructure, it would therefore seem that Ukraine's energy tech start-ups could produce large gains for society.  Obviously, Ukraine has good reason to reduce its reliance on Russian gas.

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  1. The country can also invest in technology and make its education available to its masses with an online portal. Individuals can earn Fast Bachelors Degree which can help them get the expertise they need.

  2. I definitely believe that before the Ukraine invests in human capital, it should invest in its its overall infrastructure. In order to teach children, a proper school with the proper facilities needs to be made. Children are the future of Ukraine, and if money isn't being spent on them wisely, Ukraine isn't looking at the bigger picture. So an overall improvement in infrastructure is needed. I've seen not just schools, but roads, restrooms, highways, and much more need to be improved. After establishing the basic groundwork, then the Ukraine can go on to to focus on these smart technologies such as social media, online education, and smarter energy infrastructure.

    For example, the United States government definitely has established that basic groundwork. Now it does on to improve our education system. Students have established and mastered social media. Our schools have air conditioning at the bare minimum so thats always a plus. The Ukraine needs to set out and seek this example. This will definitely be the smartest investment choice and lead the Ukraine where it needs to be.

  3. I agree that Ukraine should focus on reducing corruption. The country is plagued by corrupt schools, teachers, and administration. My cousin who lives in Ukraine had to switch schools becuase a teacher wouldn't give him the grade he deserved due to not paying a bribe. The truth is that there a very few schools in Ukraine that adhere to education by fair and standard rules. Implementing a system like RateMyProfessor into Ukrainian schools would drastically increase standards and expose corrupt teachers and administrations.

    Secondly, looking to new energy alternatives would reduce Ukraines reliance on Russian gas. Ukrainians have to deal with hot summers and cold winters with many people not having access to air conditioning and heating systems. Ukraine has already made steps into improving their energy infrastructure by implementing solar power to reduce their nuclear and coal consumption. To further take steps into wind, hyrdo, and bio power would help Ukraine become a leader in environmentally friendly economies in Europe.

  4. For the last hundred years, the world has lived by the technologies invented at the turn of the 20th century: railways, internal combustion engines, electricity, radio and new production. Machines, television and radio were improving, but the principles remained. Although, today, I believe those principles have changed. Human civilization is changing with the Internet, renewable energy, electric cars, and many other new things. Unfortunately, Ukraine has an exhausted infrastructure. What we need to do is create a new infrastructure for the 21st century. I think Ukraine should try and create new corporations and new infrastructure that will become suppliers for the new world. I think there is potential in new kinds of transportation, new kinds of chemical and food production.

    Most importantly, i totally agree that Ukraine should invest in infrastructure. It would be a huge boost for GDP growth. If one invests billions of dollars in infrastructure, one can build your own industry, production and then export to other countries. I believe Ukraine has human resources, especially in engineering, needed to develop infrastructure wisely and to make use of technological advantages from more developed countries.