Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Multimedia Principles of Economics Textbook

This page contains links to text, images and videos which together form an integrated multimedia microeconomics textbook.

The Table of Contents below lists chapters of the Principles of Economics textbook by Libby Rittenberg and Tim Tregarthen. These were released under a Creative Commons license.

The Table of Contents also contains links to the following multimedia content:

1. clicking on a Chapter Title will take you to a PDF version of the entire Chapters.

2. clicking on a Section number will take you to an HTML version of the individual section of the chapter.

3. clicking on the Video link will take you to the YouTube videos that I've created that correspond with that section of the textbook.

4. finally, all 14 chapters below are available as a combined PDF.  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Economics: The Study of Choice
Section 1: Defining Economics
Section 2: The Field of Economics;
Section 3: The Economists’ Tool Kit
Section 4: Review and Practice
Chapter 2: Confronting Scarcity:Choices in Production
Section 1: Factors of Production (video)
Section 2: The Production Possibilities Curve (video)
Section 3: Applications of the Production Possibilities Model (video)
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)
Chapter 3: Demand and Supply
Section 1: Demand (video)
Section 2: Supply (video)
Section 3: Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium (video)                                                                         
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                                   
Chapter 4: Applications of Demandand Supply                                                                                   Section 1: Putting Demand and Supply to Work (video)                                                                     
Section 2: Government Intervention in Market Prices: Price Floors and Price Ceilings (video)      
Section 3: The Market for Health-Care Services (video)                                                                         
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                                   
Chapter 5: Elasticity: A Measure ofResponse                                                                                     
Section 1: The Price Elasticity of Demand (video)                                                                                  
Section 2: Responsiveness of Demand to Other Factors (video)                                                          
Section 3: Price Elasticity of Supply (video)                                                                                       
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                                   
Chapter 6: Markets, Maximizers, andEfficiency                                                                               
Section 1: The Logic of Maximizing Behavior (video)                                                                       
Section 2: Maximizing in the Marketplace (video)                                                                                  
Section 3: Market Failure (video)                                                                                                            
Section 4: Review And Practice (video)                                                                                              
Chapter 8: Production and Cost                                                                                                            
Section 1: Production Choices and Costs: The Short Run (video1, 2)

Section 2: Production Choices and Costs: The Long Run (video)                                                        
Section 3: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                                   
Chapter 9: Competitive Markets forGoods and Services                                                                 
Section 1: Perfect Competition: A Model (video)                                                                               
Section 2: Output Determination in the Short Run (video)                                                                      
Section 3: Perfect Competition in the Long Run (video)                                                                         
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                               
Chapter 10: Monopoly                                                                                                                             Section 1: The Nature of Monopoly (video)                                                                                          
Section 2: The Monopoly Model (video)                                                                                                 
Section 3: Assessing Monopoly (video)                                                                                                  
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                               
Chapter 11: The World of ImperfectCompetition                                                                             
Section 1: Monopolistic Competition: Competition Among Many (video)                                            
Section 2: Oligopoly: Competition Among the Few (video)                                                                   
Section 3: Extensions of Imperfect Competition: Advertising and Price Discrimination (video)       
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                               
Chapter 15: Public Finance andPublic Choice                                                                                   
Section 1: The Role of Government in a Market Economy (video)                                                        
Section 2: Financing Government (video)                                                                                           
Section 3: Choices in the Public Sector (video)                                                                                       
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                                   
Chapter 16: Antitrust Policy andBusiness Regulation                                                                       
Section 1: Antitrust Laws and Their Interpretation (video)                                                                     
Section 2: Antitrust and Competitiveness in a Global Economy (video)                                                
Section 3: Regulation: Protecting People from the Market (video)                                                         
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                               
Chapter 17: International Trade                                                                                                           
Section 1: The Gains from Trade (video)                                                                                             
Section 2: Two-Way Trade (video)                                                                                                          
Section 3: Restrictions on International Trade (video)                                                                            
Section 4: Review and Practice (video)                                                                                               
Chapter 18: The Economics of the Environment                                                                               
Section 1: Maximizing the Net Benefits of Pollution (video)                                                                  
Section 2: Alternatives in Pollution Control (video)                                                                            
Section 3: Review and Practice (video)